Today is both National Pecan and National Waffle Day, and so why not celebrate with the best recipes including both? DealYard will be sending out several of the most nutritious waffle recipes to loyal customers over the next week so that we might all end National Nutrition Month on the best note possible, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

“My sister and I used to collect wild pecans behind our house back when we were children,” CEO Rob Heller Says. “We used to then sell them to local merchants and grocers. It pains me to say, but she was the one who did most of the bargaining! That’s what first got me interested in business. When I realized it was National Pecan and Waffle Day, the memories flooded back and I had a talk with the other members of my company. I had to celebrate.”

Heller admitted that the old memories reminded him of the coming changes to the website and the structure of the business, and he thought back to 2003 when the business was first founded. “Since then, we’ve brought DealYard to Europe and Asia, and allowed people from all walks of life to taste deals on some of the best items that the online marketplace has to offer.”

Heller has been working with his family to test new kitchen creations so that he might personally send out family recipes to the customers who have helped his company grow so much and help influence so many other online retailers. DealYard will also be launching new sales on all waffle makers and kitchen supplies in order to make the end of the month a little bit easier on those who just want to cook.

Customers will enjoy site-wide deals on brands such as VillaWare and Sunbeam. Most other kitchen brands will be offered on sale as well. Of course, you can’t have waffles without coffee! Mr. Coffee coffee makers will be offered at up to 70% off via personalized email deals. Daily, weekly, and monthly deals may be used in conjunction, as well as coupons.

How will you celebrate this Pecan and Waffle Day? Heller envisions an extravagant breakfast-for-dinner, and hopes that many will follow his lead. For now, the website is planning more great deals in celebration of the new spring season.

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