Accounts vary on when golf began or how it was conceived. The origins of the sport are debated throughout the sports community. Most scholars and researchers accept that it started in Scotland at some point in the Middle Ages. It spread to English speaking countries and became popular during the 19th century. The first PGA Championship, meanwhile, was in 1916 in New York. It was there that the phenomenon really took off.  It is celebrated during the month of August ever since.

Although it took a long while for the game to gain notoriety, it eventually became well known and liked due to its perceived uniqueness from other sports that were popular at the time. This was during a period of history during which elegance and class were held in the highest esteem, and so it should come as no surprise that at the time the PGA Championship began, it was mostly played by amateurs of little skill who had access to great wealth.

Perhaps those who enjoy the sport most prefer more relaxing games or find comfort and peace through the ability to enjoy nature while training in the art of precision and accuracy. Truthfully, with the weather about to cool down as the season transitions from summer to fall, golf is a sport that can be quite relaxing. This is the last major competition before the football season begins in earnest.

The end of summer and the golf season also results in some decent sales as clearance events start to erupt at any and all retail locations. If you’re one to be outside playing the game, then be sure to take the time to purchase a good pair of golf sunglasses, as eyes can be easily damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Regardless of whether or not you have a love of golf, the PGA Championship is one of the last competitive games played before summer ends, and hopefully the game inspires people to get outside and be active before the days begin to shorten and the weather starts to get colder. If you do love the game, now is a great time to go online and take a tour of the PGA course, or play a round with your friends. If you don’t love the game, then go enjoy a sunset or sunrise, be spontaneous, and see where the day takes you.