Sales on President’s Day over the past few years have grown more groundbreaking, with many even surpassing the discounts for which Black Friday and Cyber Monday are commonly known. DealYard is no exception, and is celebrating the birthdays of the greatest presidents by making history on its own.

CEO Rob Heller acknowledges that DealYard is fast growing to be the best: “It isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ DealYard will become recognized as one of the crown jewels of the internet marketplace. Newer, more efficient programming and stunning technological advances are forthcoming not only for the website, but for those with whom we partner. We save money through these upgrades, and those savings are inevitably passed on to the consumer.”

DealYard has grown steadily since its own birth in 2003, when Heller conceived the idea for an online marketplace dedicated to discounted name brand merchandise. “President’s Day is about celebrating our past achievements, but also accepting that the best still lie on the path ahead. As the United States of America advances, so to do its people. The government by definition serves those people…Well, so do businesses. And we’re continually striving to be the best at what we do.”

Unity is one of the most important virtues upon which the country was founded. Heller sees it as his duty to collaborate with other business leaders, and so has joined with other online retailers like eBay and Amazon in order to offer some of the lowest prices on the market, all while incorporating new functions to the website that allow more specific searches and product comparisons. Repeat customers will be especially fond of the new features.

As always, popular name brands such as Baldwin, Delta, Crockpot, Sunbeam, and Mr. Coffee are available for purchase as part of regularly implemented daily, weekly, and monthly deals. Customers and window shoppers shouldn’t hesitate to subscribe for free weekly coupons and exclusive deals mailed directly to the inbox.

Winter will soon come to an end, and as we head past President’s Day and into the warmer months ahead, new deals on spring merchandise will continually roll out. Whether you’re looking for home improvement ideas, gardening tools, sports equipment, or clearance items from seasons past, DealYard has all of the best and more.