Online discount retailer DealYard is dropping prices on its selection of informative books for Read Across America Day in order to celebrate literacy around the world. For those not looking to open their minds through reading, the company has also slashed prices on its entire DVD inventory.

CEO Rob Heller loves both: “I find time to do it all. Whenever I’m home–and especially during the colder season–I love to eat with the family, then sit down and watch a movie or TV. But no matter what, part of my daily routine involves winding down with a good book before bed. Fiction or nonfiction. It doesn’t matter. It’s about learning.”

Heller conceived of DealYard in 2003 in order to help people who couldn’t afford expensive name brand products have access to them. Heller grew up in a small mountain town in which his parents taught him to be self-sufficient, and even though he’s out in the real world now, he still relies on the skills he learned long ago to maintain the life to which he grew accustomed.

“Even though we have a popular online business, my wife and I still teach our kids to do things on their own,” Heller says. “We don’t simply give. They must earn. They learn how to cook their own food, build their own supplies, make their own money, and have a long list of chores to do before we let them relax. Kids will be kids, but we want ours to learn the importance of discipline and familial obligation. Books help them learn.”

Heller therefore makes sure they do plenty of reading–although he admits that there are quite a few books on business and marketing thrown in for good measure. He assures them that they’re free to make their own choices and go their own path in life, but they’ll always have a home at DealYard if they choose to support the business after school.

Read Across America Day represents the freedom of choice. It represents the ability to believe and imagine greater things–and DealYard supports those ideals. The sale extends to all of DealYard’s “for Dummies” series of books in addition to DVDs. Customers are urged to keep an eye on their email inboxes in order to receive great suggestions tailored to their own tastes.

For more information about DealYard contact:
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