The frigid temperature of winter is upon us and the thing that concerns people the most is how to stay warm. Staying warm on a cold winter day requires two things: changing your body temperature, and changing the temperature of the room or your environment.

Changing your body temperature is easier and simpler. Putting on another layer of clothing will raise your body temperature, even if the temperature of the environment stays cold. Keep your body heat by covering up as heat escapes on the part of your body that is exposed. If it is really cold, wear a head cover and gloves, even if you are inside your house.

Sunbeam microplush throw electric heated warming heating blanket raisin dark red

When the night becomes unusually cold and it becomes difficult to sleep, use heated throws and blankets to keep yourself warm. There several electric heated throws and blankets from that will help you become comfortable and cozy even on the coldest night of winter, such as the following:

  • Knit Fleece Electric Heated Warming Blankets – Manufactured by Biddeford, this electric blanket is made of soft polyester for perfect warming. It has an analog controller that allows for 10 personal heating settings. It features an automatic shut-off, which turns the blanket off after 10 hours. The twin and full-size blankets include one controller while the queen and king sizes include two controllers.
  • Electric Heated Fleece Warming Throw Blanket – This soft, cozy polyester fleece throw, from Sunbeam, comes in assorted colors. It has a built in ThermoFine warming system that senses and adjusts to deliver a consistent warmth. It is of 100 percent polyester with a soft surface that will soothe as it warms you.

If your throws and blankets are not enough to keep you warm, then it is time to heat up the rest of the room. There are portable space heaters to heat up your room from, as follows:

  • Compact Ceramic Heater w/Thermostat – The Holmes Compact Ceramic Heater will warm up your room without drastically increasing your power bills. You can add warmth to any part of the room you want with this portable heater that features overheat and manual reset. It has two heat settings, allowing you to adjust to different temperatures.
  • Bionaire Twin Ceramic Heater – The high end design is a space saving solution to provide you warmth to any part of your room or house. It has an LCD controls for your desired comfort level. It features an Eco-Smart energy saving setting that cycles automatically between wattages to keep you continuously warm while saving energy.

Don’t be cold and uncomfortable this winter, get your blankets and portable heaters from and enjoy the winter months.