Sometimes, we become wrapped up in the bigger picture instead of taking the obstacles we are met with in our own lives one step at a time. We become entranced and entangled with international news and national politics, and we forget about everything else. We ignore state politics, local politics, community events. We don’t put enough focus into our own families. Taking care of ourselves slips our minds. Why?

If we want to make the most out of our families, communities, states, and nation, then we need to start at the beginning. With ourselves. Self Improvement Month is about that one simple idea. There are many different methods of improving oneself. The simplest? Keep learning! As adults, we often believe that our education is over, and that we can begin to live our life in earnest. But truth be told, education is a large part of what it means to be human. Because we ignore this part of ourselves, we begin to ask fewer questions, and we lose our sense of wonder and curiosity.

There are a lot of ways to avoid this. Read the news. Not just politics or crime or economy. But read about space, and technology, and exploration. Fascinating advancements are made every day, and at a much greater pace than they were just a decade ago. And there are other things you can do in the spirit of bettering yourself. Learn how to accomplish the tasks you do every day faster and more efficiently. Learn how to create less of an environmental impact by purchasing greener light bulbs and energy efficient bathroom faucets and shower heads.

We can learn to budget both our time and finances more efficiently as well. There are phenomenal computer programs and smart phone applications that are available as free downloads and can alert you to spending as you do it. We can also learn how to organize our food. Fruit and vegetables rot quickly, and so it becomes necessary to plan meals accordingly to ensure as little waste as possible. Why not take up some new recipes, acquire some new cookware for the kitchen, and learn how to spend less time thinking about what to do in the kitchen?

There are plenty of ways we can make ourselves better people, and self improvement month is dedicated to each and every single one of them. Help your friends and family do the same by sharing your personal progress and inspiring others!