DealYard believes that Self Improvement Month should be about more than just health and beauty. There are so many things a person can do that require very little skill in order to dramatically improve the way life is lived. Simply using an electric blanket to sleep on a freezing night can lead to a more comfortable sleep cycle and improve energy and performance on the next day. Using the proper set of knives during complicated cooking can reduce time, energy, and effort, and result in a better meal. A better meal means a happier family!

That’s why DealYard is dedicated to cutting prices on a very wide variety of items that could be considered means of self improvement, and is creating a new email campaign for daily, weekly, and monthly deals that will come with tips or instructions on how to make the most of the new product.

“I’m a big fan of Self Improvement Month,” says CEO Rob Heller. “I try to find a few ways to improve my life and the lives and my kids and wife every single year, and I try to urge them to do the same. Ultimately, we all find ways of reducing stress levels and becoming a little bit happier, healthier and more energetic throughout the holiday season… And you know what? Everyone could use a little bit more energy for the holidays!”

DealYard has catapulted to success ever since it was conceived by Heller in 2003, coordinating with other online retailers such as eBay and Amazon, and expanding to countries such as Thailand and Germany. Currently, the company is in talks with several other companies and procuring business licenses in order to operate in yet more countries. All this in addition to acquiring some of the best web developers and technicians in the field in order to create a better, more easily navigated, experience for users of DealYard.

Deals are easier to find than they ever have been before, as brand new algorithms help match a customer with products they might want or are more likely to purchase, in addition to providing sales that are specific to the interests of the customer. Due to these new algorithms, personal sales have skyrocketed nearly 26% over the last fiscal quarter, and the company expects more in the future.

DealYard wants customers to find the best deals for a great Self Improvement Month, and is on track to make this one the best yet.