Society tries to give our elders as much appreciation as they rightly deserve. Thankfully, there are some perks to those who retire. There are discounts for quite a few products and services that are popular among senior citizens. Most are limited to restaurants and simple services such as getting a hair cut, but there are certain grocery chains that offer discounted prices to seniors. But is it enough?

Still, senior citizens must develop great budgeting skills to survive on limited means. Once you retire, your income is usually fixed and rarely adjusted for inflation. Because of this, it can become more difficult to provide for oneself as time goes on. It doesn’t seem like we give back enough, especially since the world we know today and everything we’ve ever achieved has been a direct result of those that came before us.

We owe our parents everything. Senior citizens day is yet another opportunity to achieve this. It is observed annually on August 21st, and it recognizes the contributions that have been made by senior citizens. Many sporadic events occur to commemorate the occasion, including special gatherings and events held by communities. Some choose to spread awareness through social media. Some businesses offer deeper discounts to senior citizens around the 21st.

If you’re looking to buy a senior citizen a gift, then consider what they need. If they have already retired, than a water efficient shower system might be useful. Good shower heads are hard to find, but they can save a lot of money on water if implemented properly. If a boost of home lighting would help, than energy efficient lights may come in handy. There are a number of options to choose from, and sometimes a good deed doesn’t necessarily come in the form of a gift.

In any case, Senior Citizens Day is a chance for all of us to do something for a senior citizen who is special to us. Whether that person is Mom or Dad, or Grandma or Grandpa, or even just a friendly neighbor, a small gesture of kindness can lift someone’s spirits and make them feel like they’ve had an impact on those who have surrounded them in life. Don’t procrastinate, don’t wait until the 21st. Do something whenever you can, because you don’t know how much time you’ll have left.