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Do you find yourself always throwing away food, whether it be fresh or leftovers? Help keep your food fresh with the FoodSaver FSMSSY0214! You can even use it to stay organized. Find out how user Richard Liebenthall stays fresh below!

Let me start by saying I’m an outdoors kind of guy. I love to hunt and fish. As a result, I find myself with an excess amount of meat in the house; way too much to feed my small family, so I always end up giving it away. While searching for a solution to organize and preserve my food, I came across the FoodSaver FSMSSY0214 and it has been an absolute life saver thus far.

I’m an old fashioned kind of guy, so I don’t have too much time to spend with modern technology and electronics, but the one touch operation makes it extremely user friendly and easy to use. It does a great job of vacuum sealing even the most oddly shaped items. I like it so much that I actually use it to sort my hunting and fishing supplies when they aren’t in use.

This is a product I can definitely recommend. Aside from having more food for my family, because I can now preserve it much longer than regular freezer bags, I’ve found many other uses for it such as organizing my gear. It even works great with cheaper brand bags, allowing me to save money. If you are looking for a quality vaccuum sealer, look no further than this.