July 5th is recognized as Workaholics Day. Yes, there is such a thing. As invincible as we’d all like to be, as a human, you have limits. Between burying yourself in work and wrapping yourself in an electric blanket for late nights at work, sometimes you have to take a break.

Take a Break, Workaholics

One of the best ways for workaholic people to relax is to engage in social activities. Social activities can help your release the stress that has been compounding over the week. One of the magical effects of spending time with people close to you is that it creates comfort, and that comfort creates a feeling of calmness in a person.

By seeing a familiar face react and having her ears listening to you triggers nurtured emotions that relax you, and for good reason. When you’re among friend, your body naturally releases hormones to reduce stress and increase positive emotions.

Not big into social activities? No problem. Here are several other easy ways to work a break into your schedule.

• go camping
• get a massage
• go biking
• binge watch your favorite show
• take a vacation

No matter how you choose to take a break from work, the importance is to do some regularly. Non-work activities will bring you back your mental sanity and take away the mental and physical stress that work has given you. This will give you the feeling of being re-charged once you get back into the grind of things. That’s right. Downtime can increase productivity. And when you return relaxed, you will start the days with more energy to face anything that comes your way.