The holidays are over. The house has been stripped of the holiday baubles and bangles. It may feel rather bare and uncluttered, as fresh as the year’s new scribble-free calendar.Hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy some rest and relaxation over the holidays and recharge for the coming year. If you have summoned renewed vigor, why not channel it toward making your home ship shape.


(Pixabay / simonefer)

Here are a few simple steps to organize your house or apartment as the year kicks off:

  • Sort by color – Organize your files by color-coding them. That way, you can find important documents quickly rather than sorting through a litany of small labels.
  • Maximize space – Cramped for space? Try installing overhead storage racks in utility closets, basements, or attics. You can use the racks for storing infrequently used seasonal items such as holiday decorations.
  • Use cabinet doors – Cabinet doors are often under-utilized, but they can be perfect for hanging an organizer that can accommodate cleaning tools, spices, small pantry items, and more. This can free up space on cabinet shelves or counter tops.
  • Make a pegboard for jewelry – Tired of tangled necklaces and mismatched earrings. Organize them with a pegboard with individual hooks. You can make the jewelry pegboard look like wall art by framing it and painting it with a stylish color.
  • Beautify hidden spaces – Your guests may not see your utility area, but you use it every day. Bring it to life with paint that you have hanging around the house. Get creative by converting drawers from old furniture into holding trays for storing miscellaneous items.
  • Make a sorting station – Place a basket under a folding table for each family member. Sort the laundry into each member’s assigned basket, and ask them to fold and put away their own clothes. It will save you time and teach family members responsibility.
  • Repurpose the wine rack – If you don’t need your old wine rack anymore, consider other creative uses for it. Some crafters have taken the clever approach of using it to store yarn spools and knitting needles.
  • Utilizing narrow spaces – If that small space between the refrigerator and the wall is currently wasted, try using it for large, flat pans or canned foods.

Write down a few home improvement projects that you want to tackle in the next few months. Checking them off will give you a sense of satisfaction. Your home will look better, and you’ll feel better knowing that you are operating in a house of order.