Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Some people celebrate the idea of a day set aside to express unspoken love, while others opt to ignore the holiday in favor of expressing their love for one another on a regular basis out of principle. Either way, the day is a symbol of what true love should look like.

DealYard CEO Rob Heller shares his beliefs: “For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t a couple-oriented holiday. It’s not just about myself and my wife, together. It’s about the entire family. It’s about understanding the bonds that all of us share when we work together to build something greater than any one individual. But at the end of the day, my kids are my true valentines.”

DealYard was launched in 2003, to great acclaim. And for every year that the company grows to be more successful, Heller sets aside time to remind employees and customers alike how much he values their support and their strength. Without them, the business would not be whole. In the spirit of partnership, DealYard has allied with other large online retailers such as eBay and Amazon, all while making its great variety of name brand products available to international markets as far away as New Zealand.

The idea of coming together to support a stronger business isn’t a concept lost on Heller. He’s proud of new website functions that allow for easier searches and better product matches, in addition to simply offering more for less.

Now, it’s easier than ever to be spoon-fed the best deals by signing up for DealYard’s subscription service. New algorithms have used previous searches made by repeat customers to allow for sales that are more specific to customers.

Heller acknowledges that future changes will continue this tradition. “For every partnership, our ability to deliver exceptional products to customers looking for high-quality products has grown. We want to take advantage of this in the future, and we intend to do so soon. Be on the lookout for more individually-tailored discounts and additional functions for the website.”

He also intends to add inventory in the coming months. Brands such as Delta, Baldwin, Sunbeam, and Mr. Coffee will remain available while the new products are rolled out.

Although many choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s difficult to imagine our culture without such strong symbols being a part of it. We relish the examples of what we are at our best, what our love for one another looks like at its strongest. Whether celebrated or not, it’s a great time to reflect on our treatment of others, and hold our families close to our hearts.