We don’t usually watch TV or the Rachel Ray show, but we saw a segment that was very interesting about Double-Duty Waffle Makers that compelled me to write this Guide. So, we really can’t take credit for everything that is written here. People typically think waffle makers can only be used to make waffles. But there was a lady on the show talking about how she used her waffle maker to make egg omelettes, burgers, quesadillas, and much more.

A waffle maker is great because it can cook food evenly on both sides with limited mess. With all the different types of waffle makers that are available, it could really make some interesting things. With cooking burgers and omelettes, just remember to spray the surface with some non-stick cooking spray so it won’t stick. Also, try not to push too hard on the waffle makers while cooking burgers so its easier to take out when done.

Here are some ideas to consider.

Classic Belgian Round Waffle Maker:

  • Waffle Burgers
    • After the burger is done you can use the square crevices to hold ketchup and other sauces on the burger with no mess.
  • Round Egg Omelette
    • Mix vegetables, eggs, and other ingredients into bowl.
    • Just pour all the ingredients into the waffle maker and you can make a perfect circle shaped omelette with no mess.
  • Chicken Quesadillas
    • Place a corn tortilla on one side, put cheese between the tortilla and chicken to make it stick.
    • Place another corn tortilla on top and close.
    • Close the lid and you have an instant quesadilla in minutes.

Sundae Waffle Boat Maker: (These are the waffles used to make ice cream sundaes)

  • Waffle Hot Dog Buns
  • Waffle Egg Omelette w/ Sausage, Meat, Vegetable Filling
  • Waffle Burger w/ Vegetable Filling

Six-Stick Waffle Maker:

  • Stick-Shaped Burgers that can be eaten as Hot Dogs.
    • This is something that I find very useful. If you just too lazy to fry up the burger in the pan, just put the meat into this waffle maker to get the desired shape. Just remember not to press too hard on it so the meat won’t stick.
  • Stick-Shaped Egg Omelettes for sandwiches.
    • Same as above