Inflatable beds are a wonderful invention, especially convenient for college students, those who live in small apartments or frequent campers. Available from a variety of price points, they give you the freedom to spend time comfortably in the great outdoors or allow a guest to sleep well without the extra fuss of a regular mattress or bed. Air beds are particularly useful for those times when you need a flexible mattress in a pinch. AeroBed, one of the leading manufacturers, offers a product line that gives you the freedom to buy exactly what you need.

For avid campers, the AeroBed twin overnighter offers a convenient air mattress that can be stored in a backpack, making it perfect for hiking. Once you reach your destination, you can easily use the battery operated pump to fill up the bed in minutes. This model doesn’t boast a large price tag, which makes it easily accessible to all campers, no matter their budget. For extreme trekkers who want equipment strong enough to withstand harsh elements and abrasions, then a self inflating camping mat will do the job. Weighing only 4 pounds, this sleeping mat is versatile and compact enough to carry anywhere in your backpack.

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm, chances are you can attest to the fact that two people sleeping in the school-issued single bed is not a comfortable arrangement. College students can help keep their friends and family members comfortable by using an air bed which can be easily stored in a tiny dorm closet. When someone comes to visit, they can simply inflate the bed giving their guest a comfortable respite. AeroBeds come in twin, full, queen, king sizes, making them adaptable to any college students space situation. Likewise, those living in small apartments may not have a guest bedroom, or even couch space for a guest. In this case, a raised air bed mattress provides the perfect solution. These types of air beds give your guest the illusion of sleeping on a regular, raised bed, even if you don’t have room for one. Like in the dorm room, an air mattress can be deflated and easily stored in small closet spaces.